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At Enterprise Performance Strategies we are z/OS performance experts. We use our Pivotor performance reporting software to provide companies a comprehensive view of their mainframe systems. We also offer classes in related topics, most notably WLM. Finally, if you need help resolving z/OS performance issues, our two-day "war room" consulting engagements are an affordable way to quickly get to the heart of the problem.

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Peter Enrico

Our founder and President, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge gained from his years working at IBM on the design and development of WLM and RMF as well as his years of experience helping customers solve their z/OS performance problems.

Scott Chapman

Scott has over 25 years of diverse experience in mainframe performance and capacity, having been an application developer, application performance analyst, system programmer and capacity planner.

Thomas Beretvas

Over his almost 30 year career at IBM, Tom focused on MVS system, storage, and paging performance. Since 1992, Tom has been active as a consultant, educator and mentor, specializing in storage performance issues.

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