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At Enterprise Performance Strategies we are z/OS performance experts. We use our Pivotor performance reporting software to provide companies a comprehensive view of their mainframe systems. We also offer classes in related topics, most notably WLM. Finally, if you need help resolving z/OS performance issues, our two-day "war room" consulting engagements are an affordable way to quickly get to the heart of the problem.

Meet The Team

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Peter Enrico


Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in mainframe performance measurement, tuning, and analysis skills from his career at IBM working as a designer and developer on key facilities, such as WLM and RMF. Peter has also worked for many years helping mainframe shops and computer professionals to help solve their z/OS performance problems.

Scott Chapman

Chief Information Officer
Director of Software Design and Development

Scott has over three decades of experience in the IBM mainframe environment. Much of this experience has focused on performance, from both the application and systems perspective. His mainframe responsibilities have spanned application development, performance tuning, capacity planning, software cost management, system tuning, sysplex configuration, WLM configuration, and most other facets of keeping a mainframe environment running effectively.

Dana Novotny

Chief Operating Officer

Dana is an experienced business professional and is responsible for preserving the efficiency and overseeing the operations of our executives and business. She has an extensive background in business management, event planning, sales, contracts, policies and procedures, as well as daily business administration efforts.

Lizann Nagel Fragiotta

Director of IT Operations

Lizann has more than 25 years of IT experience – including software development, customer tech support, administration, operations, and consulting. She has worked for companies of various sizes, from very large multi-national corporations to internet start-ups. She enjoys problem-solving, working with the EPS team to maintain and update the Pivotor products and services, and helping to ensure the best experience for our customers.

Jamie Novotny

Business Operations Manager

Jamie is an experienced customer service professional in and out of the field of Information Technology. Jamie works to coordinate workshops, develop marketing materials, moderate monthly webinars, maintain our CRM software, and focus on daily business administration efforts.

Pim van der Vorst

Business Development Manager of Europe

Pim has more than 20 years of experience working across sales, operations, and strategy and business development roles in the IT field. Pim’s record of shining a light on the way businesses operate, using technologies to heal business pain-points, and generating excitement for valuable ideas and products has shown he can introduce evolutionary (or revolutionary) change for optimal customer success.

Nancy DiFilippo

Nancy has worked in the z/OS System Software platform for 40 years, with an expertise in batch job management. She has held roles in product development and customer success, and she enjoys sharing her experiences with customers both informally in client sessions as well as speaking at industry conferences. She brings a wide range of experience in z/OS system management and performance fundamentals. Joining the EPS team is the beginning of an exciting new venture.

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