Free z/OS Performance Reporting!

Do you need z/OS performance reporting but lack the budget and/or time to implement a solution? The PivotorĀ® free tier may be just what you need!

Designed for small shops that only need limited reporting on a single system, but usable by any shop, the Pivotor free tier offers daily performance reporting using the RMF 70, 71, and 72 records for a single named system. This offer includes all of our standard z/OS System Health CheckĀ® reports that can be produced from that set of data.

Unlike our regular reporting service, the free tier only retains reports for 7 days and only includes daily reporting, not weekly, monthly, rolling 8 day, rolling 8 week, rolling year reports.

While we reserve the right to change or cancel this service at any time, this is not a trial--this is an on going offer. If it suites your needs, you can use the free tier indefinitely.

When your budget or needs do grow, we do hope that you will consider upgrading to the full Pivotor offering which adds reporting on many other SMF records as well as other data sources.

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