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Dates/Times - - All webinars are on Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern. The webinars are 30 minutes long, if not otherwise specified.

These webinars are scheduled for 30 minutes, but after each webinar, Peter Enrico and Scott Chapman will be available for a post-webinar Q and A.

Join us for this round of educational webinars to learn more about basic reports to conduct a particular analysis!

Note that this webinar is presented in conjunction with SHARE. It runs for 1 hour, and starts at 10:00am CENTRAL time (11:00am Eastern time)

Top WLM Analysis Exercises and Recommendations ..... February 15th ..... Sign up using this link

During this webinar, WLM expert Peter Enrico will discuss some of his key analysis exercises to determine if your WLM is set up optimally. Along with these analysis exercises, Peter Enrico will provide a number of recommendations that are sure to benefit the performance and resource optimization of most z/OS environments. After you attend this webinar, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work because this webinar will be full of useful and relevant information.

How and Why Pivotor is Different than Other Performance Management Reporters ..... March 1st ..... Sign up using this link

Pivotor is a premiere z/OS performance reporter for intelligent reporting of your SMF data, as well as other sources of measurements. There are a wide variety of features and functionalities that are different from other comparable products. In this webinar Scott Chapman will highlight many of these features, and you are sure to see why Pivotor is a premiere product for z/OS performance reporting.

Putting a lid on XCF ..... March 15th ..... Sign up using this link

This webinar will walk through how XCF management has been greatly simplified with automatic transaction class management. Significant changes were made to z/OS 2.4 so that transport classes are no longer needed to segregate messages by size or application. In this webinar Peter Enrico will discuss all these changes and what needs to be done to take advantage of these XCF enhancements.

Key Reports to Evaluate Usage of Parallel Access Volumes ..... April 5th ..... Sign up using this link

In this webinar Scott Chapman will walk through and explain several reports that will be useful when evaluating the usage of parallel access volumes (PAVs). The concepts and reasons for PAVs will be discussed; then, some key reports will be reviewed to help analyze the effectiveness of the usage of the PAVs in your z/OS I/O subsystem.

Understanding How Memory Management Has Evolved in z/OS ..... April 26th ..... Sign up using this link

Over the last several z/OS versions and machine generations, things have changed in terms of memory sizes and z/OS management of all that memory. During this webinar, Scott Chapman will discuss z/OS large page support (1MB and 2GB) and why using them is still a best practice. Also, details about how z/OS has changed to better manage large memory will be discussed. Things aren’t the same as they were 10 years ago!

Key Reports to Evaluate Coupling Facility CPU Utilization ..... May 10th ..... Sign up using this link

This webinar will walk through and explain several reports that will be useful when evaluating the CPU capacity and usage of coupling facility processors. Dynamic dispatch, thin interrupts, and the differences of physical CF processor utilization compared to virtual processor utilization will be discussed by Peter Enrico.


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