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Dates/Times - - All webinars are on Wednesdays at 11:00am Eastern. The webinars are 30 minutes long, if not otherwise specified.

These webinars are scheduled for 30 minutes, but after each webinar, Peter Enrico and Scott Chapman will be available for a post-webinar Q and A.

Exploring the Coupling Facility Lock Structure Measurements ..... July 13th ..... Sign up using this link

Whether your z/OS environment is heavily data sharing, or it is just a simple Sysplex using a coupling facility for communication, chances are you have at least one lock structure defined. During this webinar, Peter Enrico will review the basic concepts of coupling facility lock structures, and then we will explore some of the key coupling facility measurements used to measure and tune the coupling facility lock structures. As always, some z/OS performance recommendations will be discussed.

Exploring z/OS SMF 14 / 15 Records for Tape and DASD File Activity ..... July 27th ..... Sign up using this link

The SMF 14 and 15 records are some of the very first SMF records that IBM introduced way back during the dawn of SMF records recording on the MVS platform. Many installations still process and examine these records. Some installations process these records because their data set I/O activity reporting programs are ancient, while others use these measurements because in these records, we find certain measurements not found in any other SMF records. In this webinar, Peter Enrico will explore these SMF record types, their history, their measurements, and why you may or may not want to use these records to better understand the file I/O activity of your z/OS environments.

Exploring z/OS XCF Message Traffic Measurements ..... Date TBD .....

XCF is the postal delivery system of the z/OS platform. As the central messaging facility, it is what allows systems and applications to communicate with each other. Relatively recent and key advances to z/OS have made regular monitoring and tuning of the XCF environment much less interesting. However, understanding your intersystem communication and traffic is important when trying to understand certain types of system slow-downs and bursts of message traffic. During this webinar, Peter Enrico will explore and discuss some of the key XCF measurements still worth regularly monitoring.

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