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Providing Solutions That Fit Your z/OS Performance and Capacity Needs!

Photo of Peter Enrico
Peter Enrico, z/OS Performance Analyst, Seminar Instructor & and Pivotor® creator.

The capabilities of EPS Inc. staff extend beyond the system programmer skill set, and include performance (measurement, tuning, and analysis) for systems and applications, systems maintenance, operations, and project management. Peter Enrico and his team have strong and diverse experience with the IBM zArchitecture platform, and solid backgrounds in performance measurement, analysis, and capacity planning of z/OS, Workload Manager, Parallel Sysplex, UNIX System Services, J2EE Application Architecture, WAS, WMQ, CICS, DB2, and much more.

2014 z/OS Performance Seminar Schedule

Our workshops are a unique and valuable combination of learning and doing. Prior to the seminar start date we request that you supply us a set of raw SMF data. We usually request a full 24 hours from your Sysplexes of interest. With your data we will generate a complete set of performance reports that we then make available to you during and after the workshop dates. During class instruction the workshop exercises are geared to allow you to do a meaningful examination of your own performance data.

You will leave our classes having done an actual performance analysis! No other z/OS performance seminar or z/OS conference can offer the level of analysis and value you will gain in our workshops.

Your investment in our classes will result in a very highly effective and productive use of your time. So come spend a week learning z/OS performance analysis, and also actually doing an analysis of your z/OS environment with your own SMF data!

Seminar Instructor Date Location
Parallel Sysplex and z/OS Performance Tuning Workshop
(Online Class)
Peter Enrico 2014 Classes Completed
Additional classes can be scheduled upon request.
Please contact us directly if interested.
Online / Web Based
WLM Performance and Re-evaluating Goals Workshop Peter Enrico November 17 - 21, 2014 Kansas City, Missouri, USA
October 20 - 24, 2014 Munich, Germany
Essential z/OS Performance Tuning Workshop Peter Enrico &
Tom Beretvas
Scheduled Upon Request
Please contact us directly if interested.
z/OS Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Ray Wicks Scheduled Upon Request
Please contact us directly if interested.

SMF 113 Analysis Offering

Currently Peter Enrico is offering a free and personalized SMF 113 (Processor Cache Counters) analysis and education session. If you send Peter your SMF 113 records, he will arrange a WebEx session with you and your team to explain your SMF 113 measurements. Over 40 separate installations have taken Peter up on this offer. If you are interested, please send Peter an email at Peter.Enrico@EPStrategies.com.

Pivotor® Reporting for z/OS Health Check®

Pivotor® is a state of the art web (and cloud) based data reporting and data mining solution that allows users to concentrate on benefiting and learning from the data while spending less time working to code SQL, maintaining or coding SAS, data summarization, or the actual reporting of the data. Pivotor® reports can be used for both ad-hoc reporting, and batch generated static reporting for daily report sharing. (Pivotor Glossy)

Pivotor® is offered on either a service subscription basis (where we do all the reporting for you), or on a licensing basis. Pivotor® is great for daily, weekly, monthly reporting, and our Rich View feature allows you to actually data mine static reports. For our z/OS customers, Pivotor® includes a very comprehensive set of pre-canned reports for processor, storage, I/O, Sysplex, WLM, Batch, DB2, WAS, WMQ, SMF 113, and much more. Adding your own reports is simple and easy.

The abilities of Pivotor® extend well beyond the reporting of standard z/OS SMF data. Pivotor® can be used for data mining and reporting of nearly any data stored in Oracle, DB2, MySQL, or SAS databases. This also makes Pivotor® a great front end to data mine your already existing performance or customer databases. Pivotor® does not require SAS and Pivotor® runs on Linux, UNIX, z/OS, and Windows. Because Pivotor® is a cloud solution, the data need not be on the same system as the reporter. In fact, Pivotor® is ready made for the z196 Blade Server environment.

For more information about Pivotor® and how to bring your reporting system into the year 2014, please visit www.pivotor.com or contact sales@EPStrategies.com.

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